It’s important for little girls to know not every story has to be a love story and for boys to know that soldiers aren’t the only ones to triumph in war.

Guillermo del Toro (via writerofscreen)


"He had his first birthday yesterday, so he goes crazy every time he hears the ‘Happy Birthday’ song.""Let’s see it."


"He had his first birthday yesterday, so he goes crazy every time he hears the ‘Happy Birthday’ song."
"Let’s see it."


"What was the happiest moment of your life?""When I turned 30.""Why’s that?" "I just felt like I’d made it through the crap."

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"What was the happiest moment of your life?"
"When I turned 30."
"Why’s that?" 
"I just felt like I’d made it through the crap."

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We go forward.

Holy shit did they just describe life? I feel like the Dalai Lama just punked me or some shit.

I saved this in my drafts to publish today, then I saw a bunch of people posted it, too. Usually when that happens, I skip the reblogging. But, this was too good not to show again.

The feels. I have them.

The phone interview has, sadly, not resulted in a face to face interview. This is a bummer.

Having got the news, I was a lil’ mopey about it, but over the course of a few beers, I focused on the recent silver linings.

1. I got a hair cut, and who doesn’t like I hair cut?

2. My Prozac dosage has been upped, still on a low level. This can’t hurt, amirite?

3. I’m taking what steps are available to me. Instead of just wallowing in my discontent, I’m an active participant in making change. Or trying to make change. This can not be undervalued.

21 & 36

Per breakthecitysky, I’m going to answer some questions.

21. Talk about a time you had to turn someone down
This surely won’t be about the time the Cohen Brothers asked me to play the roll of Anton Sigur in No Country for Old Men. In part because I’m not registered with the Screen Actors Guild, but mostly because that’s not anything that ever happened, ever.

In my younger days, back when I was a drunken bastard who chain smoked, I had a neighbor. Said neighbor was a sweetheart, a jazz enthusiast, and a phenomnomnominal cook (see what I did there?). We’d been hanging for a while, pretty much daily, and I had an itching of an inkling that she wanted more than I did. The moment of truth found its way when she asked if she could kiss me.

Oh, the awkward rambling that must’ve fallen out of my mouth.

If you ask me, she dodged a bullet. As mentioned, I was a drunken bastard, and was shitty boyfriend material. Seriously. My anger was at its zenith during this time, so I was an angry drunken bastard, which is a winning combination, for sure.

36. What’s your guilty pleasure?
This has proven to be much harder than I expected. It’s like on of those questions that you could provide unsolicited, but when expected to answer, you just kind of make that “well, um, huh” face.

I really get down with table top role playing games.

It falls under the guilty pleasure category, mainly because I don’t make it widely known, and the reason for that is I don’t want to have the Conversation with people most of the time; i.e. “No, it’ not Dungeons & Dragons, although I did play that when I started, but I’ve long since been playing World of Darkness, which is set in an urban fantasy/gothic punk environment, which is to say…”

Really, it’s just an unruly run on sentence. Also, I don’t fly my freak flag quite as high as I might, partly because I avoid conversations.